Saturday, September 20, 2014

Migration for Employment in Saudi Arabia

The kingdom operates a closed community with an efficient and organized system but with rules and protocols. While it favors the recruitment of a large number of foreign workers,getting a very good job as a foreigner is however not that easy as the majority of the recruitments have been channeled through certified agents who possess licensed approval to do this.

The ministry of interior and the ministry of health do regular recruitment exercises through these certified legal agents in difference countries: in Europe, Australia, America, Canada , South-Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and so on.

It comes as little surprise that preferences are commonly given to workers from Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This is because applicants from these regions often possess the professional expertise the Kingdom is seeking.

As we have often emphasized on this blog, for prospective international job applicants, it is more honorable and more deserving to leave your country for a job that is worthy. The new country you are migrating to will respect you, you'll have assess to privileges, you wont be looking over your shoulders all the time and you would be proud to tell people where you are/what you're doing.

Thus, for qualified Doctors, Midwives, and Nurses in Nigeria you can contact these two agents: and

Other professionals can search for job through these other sites such as,, Expatriate sites also have useful information from expatriates already working in the kingdom. Don't forget to check

Pls Note: These job listings are only for qualified applicants, NO SHORTCUTS and we are not promoting any of these sites for personal gains. We have only listed them here because we know and have seen people that got jobs through them. People are fond of removing the ladder after climbing up, we want to change all that by showing the world the ladder. Also, we are not a recruitment agent, don't send your personal details to us. We only provide you with authentic information that we know and have ascertained to be true.
Visit this blog for more updates. Good luck, don't give up in your search/dreams and remember, MIGRATE SAFE!

"The only failures in life are those who never tried"...Anonymous.

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