Monday, September 8, 2014

Migrating to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful Islamic country that allows foreigners with great value to work and live in the Kingdom. Although it is an Islamic environment, it however allows people of other faiths to live and work freely without fear.

How to migrate to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

1.   Through scholarship from Universities in Saudi Arabia.           
2.   Direct Employment.                                       
3.    Exchange programs

The respective embassies or consulates abroad will grant visas at their discretion often depending on the nature of the visit such as leisure, business investment, studies, mass media, employment, etc.


The King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and King Saud University, usually give scholarship to indigent students in the fields of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Business Administration. Nigerians are eligible for these scholarships.                       

To find out about eligibility for the scholarship at KFUPM (Full Masters and PhD)

Course(s) Offered: Engineering, Sciences, Business Admin.
Course Level: Graduate (Masters, and PhD )
Country to Study in: Saudi Arabia (male only)

Scholarship for international students in King Saud bin Abdul Azeez University, Riyadh.                 


There are a number of employment opportunities open to foreigners, especially in the field of Engineering and Health. The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health conduct  recruitment exercises directly or through certified legal agents in difference countries like Europe, Australia, America, Canada , South-Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and so on.                                       

For qualified Doctors, Mid wives, and Nurses in Nigeria you can contact these two agents: and      

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