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Jubail is a city in the Eastern province on the Persian Gulf Coast of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest industrial city in the Middle East. It is also home to the Middle East's largest and world's fourth largest petrochemical company. It has the world's largest IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project) producing 2743.6 MW of electricity and 800,000 m3 of water daily. The Jubail Industrial City is the largest civil engineering project in the world today. Because of this, Jubail has numerous job opportunities for foreigners.

The new industrial and residential areas were named Madīnat al Jubayl aṣ Ṣinā`īyah (Jubail Industrial City). Jubail is an excellent place for tourism if you find yourself in Saudi Arabia. It is favorable for work and leisure.

The city is sectioned into areas, some of the ones I passed through include: Deffi, Industrial Area, First Industrial Area, Second Industrial Area and Fanateer.

There are several hotels and furnished apartments on the Island as well as in the city center for you to lodge in. As expected, hotels close to and those surrounding the Island are more expensive but in the city center (twenty minutes drive from the Island) there are more affordable lodging apartments. I first visited the InterContinental Al Jubail, the first hotel I saw on my GPS as I entered the city. The hotel is beautiful with gardens and a private beach around it. It has modern amenities such as a tennis court, bowling arena and an in-ground swimming pool and it is situated close to Islands like Jana and Krayen. The hotel also offers additional recreational activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. It's a nice place to stay.

Other Hotels in Jubail are: Coral Beach Hotel, SAS hotel, Golden Tulip hotel, Al Modrasah hotel, Crown Tower hotel, Dorrat apartment and so on. You can search for hotels on the internet; many Jubail hotels are listed online with prices. This makes locating hotels a lot easier.

Gardens and Parks
Jubail has a vast numbers of gardens and parks. It allows one to spend quality time with friends and family.

These are countless. Most of the popular restaurants and cafes are situated in the Governorate of Al Jubail. Popular restaurants you’ll find include Kudu, Hardees, Yatch, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Café Liwan,

Jubail is also popular among tourists for its beaches. The Palm Beach is a famous beach, which is located on Road 6.   Beach Fanateer is another well-known beach located in the Hijaz district. This beach is known for its vast stretch of palm trees. Darren beach is a beatiful beach and it has children’s playground. It's nice to visit this beach in evening to get a glimpse of the setting sun.   AlNakheel Beach, Coral Beach are other visitors’ favorites. There are also a number of Beach Camps; sabic, sadaf, safco, marafiq all located along the popular lulu road

Hafeez International School
Pakistan International School (Syed jamal)
Eqra international School
Mariya international School
International Indian School, Al- Jubail (IIS Jubail)
Jubail Academy International School
King Fahd High School
Najd Secondary School
Om Alqurra Secondary School
Dana Elementary School
Andulas Elementary School
Al Murgan Elementary School
Al Ahsa Secondary School
Fayha Elementary School
Khaleeg Intermediate School
Fanatir Elementary School
Al Diffi Secondary School

Universities and Colleges: Jubail University College, Jubail Industrial College, Jubail Technical Institute                                                         

These are: Abu Ali Airport, and one inside King Abdulaziz Naval Base, none of which are for public use.
The city is being served by King Fahd International Airport in Dammam.
The Jubail Airport is recently, used for private aviation operations in parallel with its current military use.

There are two seaports in Jubail—the Jubail Commercial Seaport and the King Fahd Industrial Seaport.

Some hospitals in Jubail: Jubail General Hospital, Almana General Hospital, Al-Shibani, Lulu Hospital, Royal Commission Hospital, Huda Younis Dental Complex, Armed Forces Hospital.

It appears driving in Jubail is more cautious compared to other cities, this is perhaps due to street cameras located on the highways to monitor speed limits.

It is a very good place to visit and has people from different countries living therein. English language is mostly spoken in this city.                                               

 I had a pleasant time in Jubail. Have a niced day!



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