Friday, September 26, 2014

Easy path to Queensland, Australia

Australia has 10 Territories and 6 States; New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), South, Australia (SA), Tasmania (Tas.), Victoria (Vic.) and Western Australia (WA).

It is actually possible to follow an immigration program without specifying an actual State but to make it easy, I will like to take the migration process state by state.

If you’re looking for business and career opportunities as well as a great lifestyle, make Queensland your destination. Queensland  is Australia’s second largest State and the third most populous with more than 4.5 million inhabitants. Brisbane, the capital, is located in the south-eastern corner of the State. Wherever you choose to settle in Queensland, you’ll enjoy the year-round great weather and an enviable outdoor lifestyle.

Skilled workers with experience and qualification are required to support the Queensland economy. There are various ways through which a skilled person can migrate. Skilled Migration Program of Queensland is the most applied program. Whether you are a Doctor, Businessman, Mechanical Engineer, Construction Manager, Chartered Accountant, Nurse, Lawyer, or belong to any other occupation, you can find a good job in Queensland, Australia.                  

Like other countries Australia also makes use of the point-based system. Point based migration make sure that an applicant migrating  to Queensland, Australia is efficient in his/her work and is capable of adapting to the Australian environment. The applicant need to clear some basic section under skilled migration program- language ability (applicant must have competent knowledge of English), qualification (applicant must have required qualification), experience (having experience can let you gain extra points). age must not above 50 years and nomination/sponsorship are also crucial.               

Nomination/Sponsorship implies that the applicant has gotten a job sponsor from a registered Australian employers as a foreign workers or through Skill Select. If the interested applicant is applying though skill-select then he/she must first submit an EOI- Expression of Interest.  But before lodging EOI applicant must have completed English language test (IELTS) and skill assessment.                          
Skill assessment must be from a relevant national skill assessment authority. Under skill assessment applicant is assessed on the basis of various factors. Assessment authority will provide marks under skill assessment. 

Also evidences are required in regards to your support financially in Australia. You are also required to show health and character certificate.            

Once migrated to Australia, one can enjoy various legal and medical aids and also apply for Australian permanent resident. Australian permanent resident allows migrant to reside and work in Australia. The procedure and processing time of visa depends on the visa  category you have opted for. There are various programs for visa under Australian immigration program. These programs are divided under various sub-classes. These sub-classes have further various sections. the visa categories and sub-classes will be discuss in another post Easy Path to Australia 2.                   
To move to Queensland you need to know that there is nothing difficult in handling the processing yourself but you could equally hire an immigration consultant. Immigration consultants help applicants on every stage of the immigration process because errors can lead to the cancellation of visa application. The consultant's service is to provide assistance in lodging a visa application for applicants and do some follow up but this comes with charges.
If you wish to use any immigration consultant make  sure you confirm his/her name on the Australia government website for registered immigration agents or consultants    
Check :                                                                       

For additional information, find time to visit Australia foreign affairs department in the  Australian Embassy in your country,                                                                   


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