Thursday, October 23, 2014

Young Doctor in his Prime Shares Thoughts on Traveling

Travel Army stumbled upon another young, agile and hardworking Nigerian and we took the opportunity to obtain his view on traveling and migrating.

Travel Army cherish valuable contributions from experienced personalities especially those who are living examples of what we propagate on this blog...traveling safe and migrating legally and responsibly.

It is my pride to introduce an intelligent young man with a golden heart (You only need to spend a moment with him to understand what I mean by golden heart)
Travel Army: Can you please introduce yourself sir?
Guest: I'm Chekwas Obasi, a Nigerian, in my late twenties and I work in the health sector. My hobbies include long hours surfing in the internet, hiking, reading, cooking, traveling and long sleep.

Travel Army: Which countries have you traveled to?
Dr. Chekwas: I have traveled to France, Amsterdam, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Travel Army: That's about six countries.
Dr Chekwas: You can say I just started, I intend to make it a long and memorable list. 

Travel Army: What are some of the advantages you see in travelling?
Dr. Chekwas: Advantages of traveling are numerous. Its a form of education that you cannot obtain from the classroom. You learn more about other cultures and develop tolerance while you still meet and make new friends. And for those not yet married.. Who knows what could happen!

Travel Army: what advise can you give those who wish to travel or migrate?
Dr. Chekwas: The internet has a lot of info, so take a minute and study the terrain, learn a few local words (that is if its not an English speaking country) and major hot-spots in the area. Learn to be adventurous, try new meals, clothing. Go to new places. Make sure you have made relevant reservations and have cash in your debit or master card. wary of strangers.

Travel Army: thank you for your time and for sharing your insights.
Dr Chekwas: You are welcome. 

It was a pleasure to interact with this experienced traveler and Doctor today. Yet another true Nigerian worthy of emulating. 

[As a frequent traveler, please do share your thoughts about traveling, flee free to drop your comments here or contact]

Travel Safe!

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