Friday, October 17, 2014

Encounter with Doctor, Makeup Artist and Traveler

Dr Nkiru
Travel Army (TA) recently met with an exceptional lady outside the country, a young Medical Practitioner and Makeup Artist. She shares her opinion on Traveling and Migration

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Travel Army: Can we meet you ma?
Guest: I am Dr. Nkiru Nnama Oluwatosin, a practicing medical doctor, wife, makeup artist, and the creative director of MakeUpbyNkiru, from Nigeria.

Travel Army: Where have you traveled to? 
Dr. Nkiru: I have traveled to a couple of countries including, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

Travel Army: That is great! 
Dr. Nkiru: Thanks 

Travel Army: What advantage(s) do you see in traveling?
Dr. Nkiru: the advantages I see in traveling are numerous:
1. Traveling gives a broader perspective with which to view the world and people at large. This is because it exposes one to different people from different cultures and makes one to see new ways of doing things.
2. It helps one to become more tolerant of others because you know there's a whole world out there and it's not just your tribe, race or family that exists.
3.It gives you an opportunity to learn new ideas, new languages, new patterns of thinking
4.It gives you an opportunity to see the world and it's beauty, from natural landscapes, to breathtaking mountains, to refreshing waterfalls, amazingly rare animals, delightful dishes and the list goes on and on!.

Travel Army: What advise can you give to aspiring travelers?
Dr Nkiru
Dr. Nkiru: My advice for travelers are:
1.Take out time to absorb all you can whenever you travel, even if it's for business and not pleasure, because time does go by fast and you may have missed an opportunity that doesn't easily come by.
2.Take lots and lots of pictures!
3. Keep all your travel documents safe
4. Make new friends
Travel Army: it's nice meeting you and sharing from your advise, thank you very much. 
Dr. Nkiru: You are welcome. 

I really enjoyed my brief moment with Dr. Nkiru Nnama Oluwatosin and appreciated her priceless contributions. Her humility is outstanding. A true Nigerian Ambassador.

For more information about our guest on the blog today you can check her out on 

Some pics of her makeups below:


  1. Its truly inspiring and worth reading. Thank you for sharing some tips with us.

      Thanks. We appreciate your comment.