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How to Apply for UK Visitors' Visa:

UK VISITORS' VISA            

Interested individual can travel to the United Kingdom (UK) for the specific purpose of visiting friends and family who live in the UK .

UK family members can sponsor the applicant by providing an invitation letter to confirm the relationship, purpose of the visit, and also the support they will be providing in terms of financial assistance and/or accommodation.                                      

Applicants in this category must prove to the UK Immigration Authorities that they can financially maintain and accommodate themselves in the UK with or without assistance from family member(s) living in the UK but without resource to public funding or employment.

Firstly, an individual that intend to apply for a UK Visitors Visa must have an intention to return his or her your home country, choose a specific date of travel, duration of stay and reasons for traveling
Below are documents  you would need for a fruitful application:

Sponsor's Documents: this refers to document from someone in UK, that wishes to host you for a visit. This person could be your relatives or friends.

1) 6 months Bank statements
2) 6 months pay slips
3) Address proof : Utility Bill such as Telephone bills, Electric Bill or Council tax notice)
4) Rental Agreement
5) Owner's no objection letter
6) Sponsor's High commission certified letter (e.g. Nigeria High commission in UK)
7) Applicants's passport copy ( Visa page and stamping page)
8) Sponsor's work permit copy
9) Employer's letter for employement proof
10) Letter from Sponsor requesting British High commission for granting visa to visitors.

Recommended but not mandatory Documents  (if sponsor is employed in UK):

11) P60 form
12) NI number letter
13) NHS maternity letter or prescription exemption card
14) Proof of relations/friendship

Visitor's Documents: this implies your own required documents to apply for a visa. This includes;

15) International Passport photo copy (all pages)
16) Proof of address( provide a utility bills of where you live )

Applicant's Financial Documents:

17) Bank statements (all bank accounts that you may hold, higher the account balance, higher the chances of your application being successful.)
18) Any Insurance Premium receipts and Insurance Policy
19) Stocks & Shares in hand proof ( statement from your broker or depository)
20) Credit Card statement.

Reasons for returning to home country:
You will have to clearly state your reasons or bound in your country to affirm that you will return to your home country.
If your reason is having children back home or asset attach these two documents as proof:
21) Children's proofs (passports)
22) Any other investment or asset proof (land / property)

To apply for a UK visa in Nigeria you need to:
  1. apply online
  2. pay your fee
  3. book your appointment
  4. go to your appointment
A visitor visa usually takes no more than one to 4 weeks. The application is to be made in person, so as to provide biometric. Children below 5 years are not needed to apply in person and can be represented by parents or guardian, whom they would be traveling with.

This visa entitles holders to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months, opportunities to experience the life and culture in the UK . It may also be allowed for multiple entries into UK during the six (6) month duration.

Visa application centers in Nigeria:
Abuja - Nigeria
VF Global Services Nigeria Ltd.
No 38, Lobito Crescent, Wuse II
Abuja - Nigeria
Information for disabled customers

Lagos - (Lekki)
Block - 94, Plot No. 23,
Providence Street,
Lekki EPE Express Way,
Lekki Schemen 1, Lagos.

Lagos - (Ikeja)
Ground and 1 Floor, 16, Billingsway
Oregun Industrial Area, Ikeja.

Once your Visa is granted you can then book a flight to UK. A return ticket is advisable for visitors.
Hence, on arrival, in UK, get a clearance from the immigration desk at the airport. All you need is just a prove to show that you are a genuine 'visitor' with valid documents.

Note: If your visa is of more than 6 months, you will be asked to get a medical clearnce as well before the immigration clearnce is given. Usually just a latest chest X-ray is all that you need to carry along with you and must be handy once you reach the immigration desk at the airport.

Finally, dear readers please note that  the information above may change from time to time, please use the link below for updated documents;      

The UK Border Agency


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