Monday, December 22, 2014

Travelling and Asthma

Traveling with any health condition could be stressful, but the major key to dealing with asthma is prevention especially when it has become necessary to travel or leave your home to another place.
Do ensure to prevent yourself very well, you know ' Good health plays a significant role in our Life'.

Here are tips to ease your trip:
1. Traveling during the early morning or late evening is best as the air quality is often better and heavy traffic is less likely.

2. Take all medicines in their original pharmacy containers, and make sure the name on the bottles matches the name on the pack.

3. Carry a good supply of medications and your inhaler and nebulizer in your carry-on luggage, not in your checked bags.
Make enquiry on what medical facilities will be available at your destination. Keep their names and addresses handy.

4. Make sure your seat location inside the plane, is not close to smoking corner. Let the airline know about your health status in case you are unable to get available one online. They will provide you with a suitable seat if you inform them on time.

5. Travel with a dust-proof pillow and mattress cover. This can protect you from unfamiliar allergens on hotel beds. Monitor your breathing so that you can adjust medication and avoid problems while away, quickly.

6. Book a non-smoking hotel room, away from the pool and pet hair. It will help minimize a flare-up.

7. Plan for the first day on your itinerary to be for taking it slow to give your respiratory system time to adjust, especially when traveling to warmer climates or higher altitudes.

8. Plan low-impact activities. Walking, biking and snorkeling are usually well tolerated by asthmatics
Confirm whether your doctor recommends taking supplemental oxygen before your trip.

9. Request the allergist an extra written prescription in case medication is lost or destroyed.

10. Pack your insurance card and healthcare provider contact information.
Travel with both quick-relief and controller medications making sure that there is enough to last you through your stay and extra in case you get held-over unexpectedly.

Finally, remember to keep your inhaler in a conspicuous place in case of any emergency.

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Travel safely!

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