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Meet Nollywood actress, who have lived in 14 different countries

In our tradition of bringing you success stories, from the United State of America, Travel Army presents a Nollywood Actress, Singer and Entrepreneur. To get to where she is today, her story is one of sheer determination, hard-work, endurance and a long journey that took her across 14 different countries. She has been featured on BusinessWorld, ThePunch and many other magazines

Travel Army; Please, can we meet you?
Guest: My names are Monica Omorodion Swaida and I am a Nigerian living in the United States of America. I am a Nollywood actress, musician and an executive producer of music and movies. I also own an Insurance Company in Massachusetts.

Travel Army: Why do people migrate?                              
Mrs. Monica Swaida: Most people migrate to better their lives and future of family members and kids. Others migrate for religious reasons, political or for work.

Travel Army: And what do you think are common mistakes migrants make?
Mrs. Monica Swaida: Some of the common mistakes people make is that sometimes they leave their own countries for countries worse off than theirs. It's very important to do research before going to a particular country.

It is also very important to know the rules and regulations of countries one is going to, in order not to get stuck. Also it is important to learn about the languages, political stability, the economy and so many other factors.

Some people think that there are greener pastures everywhere else than where they live. Sometimes, it's not always the pictures that is presented that tells the full story of a country. Spend time doing researches before venturing out.

Travel Army: What are your advise to aspiring emigrants?
Mrs. Monica Swaida: My advise for aspiring immigrants is to make sure you do research on the country you plan on going to. Are you going for work? school? etc. If it is for school, find out if the country allows free education, scholarships etc. Look out at the rate of people getting citizenship. What are their rules etc.

If it is for work, look at the statistic of employment and unemployment, do research on the income per head of a family as compared to countries like England,Germany and America etc. What language do they speak? How do they treat immigrants? Read up on real life stories!

One last advise is make sure you have some money with you. Money enough to go back home if needed or money enough to stay in a hotel or student hostel until you are able to find yourself. Don't travel without money. Some airports will turn you back for not having enough travel money. I have lived in 14 different countries. Every country is different. Do your research!

Travel Army: Thank you very much. In fact experience is the universal mother of sciences. It is a great privilege to have you on the blog today. We sincerely, appreciate your advise and guides.

Mrs. Monica Swaida: You are welcome.
Feel free to know more about her and what she does here Monica Insurance Agency (one of the foremost insurance agency in Lowell, Massachusetts) and here Monicazation (her facebook page)
Click here to see her hit-track My Baby is Gone on iTunes

Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience (Clarence Day, The Crow's Nest) 

I really enjoyed interacting with Mrs Monica Omoridion Swaida, the Executive Director of Monica Insurance Agency, a President and C.E.O of Monicazation Production (Music and Movies) and a Senior Director of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She is a woman of wisdom and have a very good human relationship. More grease to your elbow.                                                                                            
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Migrate Safe!

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