Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mali confirms its second fatal case of Ebola Virus Disease(EVD)

Mali’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the country’s second fatal case of Ebola virus disease.
The case occurred in a nurse who worked at a privately-run clinic in the capital city, Bamako.

The nurse, who was showing Ebola-like symptoms, was isolated on the evening of 10 November following suspicions of Ebola infection in a patient from Guinea who was treated at the clinic in late October. These suspicions were raised by an alert from health authorities in Guinea. The nurse died during the night of 11 November.

Testing was done at the biosafety level 3 laboratory in Bamako. In line with standard procedures, samples are being sent to a WHO-approved laboratory for confirmation and further virological  analysis.

Like Mali’s first case, this second case is associated with the outbreak in Guinea. Chains of transmission are being investigated by health officials and WHO staff in both Mali and Guinea.
The 2 confirmed cases in Mali are not linked. They arise from independent chains of transmission involving different villages and different families across the border in Guinea.

Source: World Health Organisation (WHO).

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