Thursday, November 6, 2014

Imagine your whole life depends on daily insulin injections

As the world gears up for another World Diabetes Day come November 14, the awareness about this Day and the people living with diabetes is still very low.

Particularly pathetic is the fate of Type 1 diabetics who live on Insulin and cannot survive without it. There are still millions of diabetics across the globe who do not have easy access to Insulin (and other diabetic supplies like the glucometer, a glucose monitoring equipment)

But one organization that is devoting tremendous amount of energy to raising awareness is T1 International. They are also advocating for people living with diabetes, working to make insulin easily accessible to all and rallying together all concerned parties through global collaboration. T1International T1I is founded by Elizabeth Rowley, an energetic lady who also lives on Insulin.

You can join the awareness here: What YOU can Do. Also use the hashtags #WDD2014 #insulin4all

Here is a useful infographic from the website (Found Here), depicting Access to Insulin

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