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How to Pack a Carry-On-Bag for Women Travelling by Air:

Travel packing tips will help you decide how to pack, what to pack, and how much you can stuff into your bags.  Knowing how to efficiently pack a carry-on can save you a bunch of money when traveling by Air.   It is crucial before you book any flight, to check how much your bags will cost you. TravelArmy believes in making travel simple and easy. since there is no shortcut to any place worth going most especially when it comes to your travelling by air.

1. Decide what clothes you need to take – like really need to take – and then fold them up into neat piles and start with the smaller, lighter items like t-shirts and roll them up to save space. Then put half of them back. Select clothes in the same color family.

For instance, a five-day trip, you’ll likely need five shirts, two pairs of slacks or jeans, and one skirt while Muslim sisters who love wearing Hijab and Abaya, will probably need to pack three Hijab or scarf and three Abaya. It is necessary to iron it to compress it very well.

Note: the average 22-inch check-in bag fits roughly two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, two dresses, and five shirts.
Trust me, you don't need to bring as much as you think. Consider how often you are going to be seen by the same people and realize that you don't need to wear something different every day of your trip. Limit the number of shoes you bring. Remember you're already wearing one pair on the plane.

2. Take a heavier item like a pair of trousers and bundle them around a cluster of the smaller rolled items and also fold softer  garments such as underwear, T-shirts, cotton pants, and knitwear these can not wrinkle when rolled tightly.  Arrange rolled items in the bottom of the bag. Make sure you roll your clothing and pack from heaviest to lightest in order to easily fit everything you need.

3.  Stuff your socks and tights into your shoes to save space. It 's always worth putting your shoes in a plastic bag as well, so that you don't ruin our clean clothes with dirt from the soles of your shoes. Wear the heaviest pair of shoes and pack the other two.  Pack the large items first and then put the small items.

4. For your beauty product: Opt for travel-size multitask products. Choose a tinted moisturizer that serves as foundation, a soap, and shampoo in one, and wipes that clean hands and face. However, If you are going to carry-on then no liquid, gel, cream or ointment can be in a container greater than 100 ml or 3.3 ounces. And don't forget the one quart clear bag to show it all to TSA. So, leave home that big bottle of shampoo
and pour it into a small bottle. Hotels usually provide for free or sell toothpaste, shampoo, soap and tooth brushes. (If you’re flying with a carry-on, check current regulations for liquids at

5. Do not pack expensive jewelry in your luggage, instead put it on, to reduce risk of loss or theft.

6. Finally do a quick recap. Do you have everything? Make sure you don't forget anything important to your journey. It is recommended that you pack your bag like three days or more before your journey it will make you realise an unpacked essential items and if it requires going out to get them, you will still have time to purchase and pack it right away.
7. Check in online. Most airlines allow you to do it the day before, and since you’re traveling with a carry-on, you can skip the check-in desk and go straight to security.
Next thing is tricks on how to get everything into the pack bag (stated by

8. Think of your bag as being divided into three horizontal layers. Place your shoes and any other bulky or hard items (like a travel hair dryer) in first for the bottom layer. Fill in the spaces between them with smaller items, like underwear and T-shirts.

9. Second layer is for larger clothing items—fold them as you would normally and lay them on top.

10. The third tier is anything you might want to access on your way from A to B—an extra layer if you’re traveling somewhere cold or a lighter one if you’re going somewhere warm. Your quart-size bag of liquids should be in this layer, too, as close as possible to where your bag opens to make it easy to grab for security. Also, anything that might break or spill (like makeup), should be in this top layer so that the other items in your bag don’t squish it.

Remember to wear your heaviest clothing (like boots, jeans or sweaters) on the plane to save space in your luggage. You can always take off your jacket and use it as a pillow.

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