Friday, May 22, 2015

Take Your Time in Settling down in a New Place:
One of the best ways to settle in quickly is to make yourself comfortable as much as you can. 
1. Avoid inferior items for a new home. It's better to buy quality items. Inferior items eventually make you spend more.

It will save you from repairing or having to replace such equipment early.
For instance, a family bought a new Air-conditioner with 5 years warranty for 1200 and a friend who thought this was too expensive went for a used Air-conditioner at 700. He later discovered that it's too noisy, it's not as cool as expected and it always trip off by itself.

He then had to dump it and buy a new one at 1100. So, why not buy a good thing once and for all, especially electronics.
2. Don't buy clothes withing I your first few months of arrival in a new place because it might be useless
later. It's important to note these: don't st as it is for electronics, it's equally better to buy quality clothes that would last longer than poor quality clothes that would wear out faster. Also consider the fact that you might add or lose some weight after a few months. what then happens to such clothes? Lastly it is likely you change your dress style.

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3. Don't focus too much on what you are missing from back home but instead enjoy the new environment, hobbies and activities available in your new environment. Living abroad can be amazing, don't let it pass you by without taking from it the best possible experience.

4. Look for cheap international call app to keep in touch with your family at home. Such as Telbo, Tango, HiTalk, Ringo, Skype and so on.
5. If you are married don't relocate your family immediately especially, if you don't have the luxury to take care of an un-foreseen contingencies. You need enough time to prepare for their relocation at least 6 to 18 months. By that time you would have been fully integrated into the new environment , know which school is good for children, see the possibility of your partner in getting placement for jobs.

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