Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Relate with Others in Your New Job:
1. Dress properly to work:
In the workplace, the way you dress is crucial because it affects how others perceive you. If your clothes are clean, neat and professional, it shows that you take pride in yourself and your position. When meeting with a superior or a client, your professional dress instills confidence in them about your abilities.

Making a good impression is always important, and it's one of the best reasons why to dress well too. When you look good, people notice.

2. Learn to always put up a smile on your face. Smiling is one way to make the office a more pleasant and productive place, but an effort to socialise with colleagues is important and also promotes interpersonal relationship among others.

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I heard you saying 'Should I smile even if I'm not happy?

It's just essential, you smile even if you don't mean it!

Your smile is a messenger of good will. Your smile brightens the lives of all who see it.

3. Do not show your high potential at a time , it's likely to bring about hatred:
There is no harm in showing your potential at work but it requires wisdom. It's necessary to ask your employer about your duty role and note what is expected of you.

At the initial stage do not show skills more than what is requested of you. Study the people you are working with, know how things are being done there, don't correct them even if you know better than they do.

Provided you can keep to this it will afford you from having un-necessary enemy. For instance, many old staff always want to proof that they are superior or can do things better than any new staff. Don't compete with them, it's too early.

4. Always avoid argument: It has been established that argument bring about hatred. As a new employee you need potential friend than enemy. For instance, don't engage in discussions initiated with 'why?'. Examples are: why do you migrate if your country is good?
Why are blacks always behave strange?........and so on.

All these topics can lead to argument.

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5. Talk less and do more:
Learn how to listen carefully before uttering words at work so you can always give meaningful reply and avoid frequent correction by words, be a role model by your doings.

Do what you expect others to do and don't complain.
In my own opinion, I believe, when you talk too much at work it shows your weakness to others. It's better to talk moderately and let your good actions speak more.

Hope this is useful?
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