Monday, August 10, 2015

Expat caught skinning rotten sheep carcasses

I saw this post on Saudi Gazette and found it useful for my Muslim fans who care so much about their deen. Please, say capital 'NO' to junk food.
Expat caught skinning rotten sheep carcasses

JEDDAH — An expatriate restaurant worker was caught skinning rotten sheep carcasses and cutting the meat outside a police compound in Hafr Al-Batin.

The man was preparing the meat for use in sandwiches sold at a cafe.
During a routine round, municipality inspectors noticed the worker outside the police compound in a deserted area. They kept watching him and soon they saw him pull out a carcass from dead sheep dumped at the place by farmers.
The inspectors monitored the worker until he skinned three carcasses and started cutting the meat. The officers surrounded him and phoned the police, who arrived at the scene and arrested the worker. The café was immediately closed down.

Culled: Saudi Gazette

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