Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pickpockets arrested in Makkah

MAKKAH — Sixteen Arab expatriates, who had formed a pickpocket gang and robbed Umrah pilgrims of their possession, have been apprehended, said Makkah Region Police spokesman Col. Ati Al-Qurashi. The gang of five men, four women, and seven children was arrested by secret police agents. All stolen amounts of money and cell phones were confiscated. Also, another gang of thieves was arrested near the Grand Mosque. All of them were women, two Arabs and an African. They were caught red-handed with the stolen items, which included women’s dresses, cosmetics, and cash. Investigations showed that they live in Jeddah and come to Makkah to rob Umrah pilgrims. Last week 878 pickpockets were nabbed near the Grand Mosque and all of them were undocumented workers.


  1. This people should stay in their country and stop coming to our kingdom. Mecca is holy land don't spoil it for us.

    1. You are right!
      I can't imagine this terrible things.
      May Allah touch their life and change them for better.