Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Relocate Abroad with children:

Migration or relocation is not an easy task. It's like leaving your comfort zone to where your fate is yet to determine.  Relocating with children can add to the challenge, but needn't be an insurmountable challenge. As with any change, careful management and planning can pay dividends :

1. Notify your children:  explain the reasons and benefits of your relocation decision. Make sure you convince them to accept your details.

2. Be aware of your perception of change:
Children's expectation of change is largely influenced by the parents' mindset: if accepted as a part of life, there is no reason why a balanced child will not be able to adapt and accept the change

3. Involve them in the process: whether it's viewing homes, showing them the school and the new activities they can partake in, help with the packing or have other responsibilities. These are all empowering and can help with the acceptance of the upcoming change

4. Explain how the process will work : from knowing how long the transition will take, what will happen to their belongings, what their new home country will be like.
Knowing what to expect is a great way to alleviate worry and the sense of anticipation

5. Identify ‘same and different’ aspects of your new life.
Tell them what won’t change, and what they can expect to be different. For example, moving to London from the Nigeria will mean that everyone speaks English, you’ll still be able to live in a house and have a car.

6.   Pay attention on their room and environment: this can help with their sense of security, knowing that whilst they've moved across the world, they still have some familiarity and consistency until they settle into their new home.

7. Tell them to be wary of strangers: since it's a new environment, children need time to get familiar and study people's culture  before relating.

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